The City of Tarpon Springs is taking steps to become a “trauma informed community.” Here, Peace4Tarpon partner Mary Sharrow talks about why the work of Peace4Tarpon is so important.

What is Trauma?

  • Events/experiences that are shocking, terrifying, and/or overwhelming to the individual.
  • Results in feelings of fear, horror, helplessness.
  • Extreme stress that overwhelms the person’s capacity to cope.

Sources of Trauma

  • Interpersonal violence
    abuse, rape, domestic violence,violent crime, gangs, bullying.
  • Social violence
    war, terrorism, disasters, oppressive political regimes.
  • Chronic social stressors
    racism, poverty, humiliation, cultural dislocation.
  • Historical trauma.


The vision of Peace4Tarpon is for Tarpon Springs to be a trauma informed community where the needs of all are met.


To promote a widespread awareness of the costly effects of personal adversity upon the well being of the community.

Desired Outcomes

  • Improve student academic performance
  • Improve teacher/student/parent engagement
  • Better informed parents and community partnerships
  • Better integration of community services
  • Improve school and community engagement
  • Secure sustainable resources