These stories express a wide range of topics but all carry a common thread of trauma in one form or another, and there are many many threads. Since Trauma is a universal experience, we want to share many differing perceptions of trauma. These stories and poems show us not only personal stories of trauma survivors and challenge and triumph,but also some of the “aha!” moments in understanding the universality of trauma. Some are moments when the nickel dropped or some dots were connected engaging folks to not only more fully understand trauma but and in many cases, drew them in, motivating them to become Trauma Champions.

Eye Opener by Jane E. Stevens

“How cucumbers in Bali opened my eyes to the possibility of trauma-free kids in the U.S.”

Please Hear What I’m Not Saying Poem by Charles C. Finn

The Invitation Poem by Oriah House

From “Dreams Of Desire”

You Are Not Alone by Sandra J. Robinson

“Many people have experienced trauma in the course of their lifetime”

68 Hats by Sandra J. Robinson

“Offering what piece/peace she could”

 To Heal a Community  by Robin Saenger

“What does it mean to be a “trauma-Informed community?”

Are We There Yet? Sarah’s Story

 The View Out the Window and In the Mirror 

Making it Real- University of Florida Connects with Peace4Tarpon

Peace4Tarpon and U.F. Make it Real Part 2

The First Graduate-Level Resilience Course in the Country